The first people to use dog collars

Dogs in ancient Egypt
Egyptians are the first people to use dog collars🐕! did you know that? pets were very important to the ancient Egyptians and considered gifts from the gods to be cared for until their death, they've loved them and cared about them, and we too!💖
And today we'll help you to know more about the history of the dog collars🐶
At first, the collars were just a simple rope, but quickly developed had become works of art celebrating dogs through intricate design and ornamentation. collars began to take on grander designs reflecting dogs' elevated status. Two dog collars from the tomb of the nobleman Maiherpri (from the New Kingdom) are ornamented with brass studs and images of lotus flowers, dogs on the hunt, and one of them even gives the dog's name: Tantanuit. The practice of putting a dog's name on its collar, commonplace today, first appears in ancient Egypt.🦮
They recognized them as an integral part of their life on earth and understood that death was only a temporary separation and, one day, they would be reunited with their faithful friends again.🏝 🏞

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